iBanr the world’s first hd digital roll up made in France.

This innovative concept has been selected twice at the biggest electronic show in the world: the CES in Las Vegas in 2019 and 2020, among 1000 startups in the world

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1 minute installation

Programmable with the phone

Hd led screen



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You have to go to an event? With iBanr no problem, once folded, you can take the screen in the trunk of any car. With sizes of 31x23x12 inches, each unfold iBanr offers almost 2 sqm of multimedia screen!!

1 minute is the time you need to install and start communicating with iBanr. No technical requirement is needed! iBanr is Plug and Play! Our patented technology makes setup easy. You just need to follow the mouvement of the hinges and each frame has 4 security systems to block and secure the screen 100%!!

Display contents you want in real time via 2 wifi connections, either AP network via your Smartphone, tablet, PC, or Cloud network from internet platform. 


As simple as that!

iBanr is the world's first and only HD digital rollup! Either 4K resolution!! Give yourself the impact and durability of LEDs with a high definition display visible up to 100 meters.

A screen of 81 x 31 inches installed in 1 minute is good, but a big LED screen that can go up to 8sqm of display surface without visible edges is better! All this in 10 minutes of installation. And if we offer you the possibility to install a big screen without technical requirement and either to transport until 5 iBanr in a car.. So!!..

AMAZING, isn't it?!..

  • The strengths of iBanr are its size which gives it great visibility and its modularity which allows us to adapt the product to our needs. The after-sales service is reactive, which is nice when we encounter problems. 

    If we had to make an improvement, it would be on the problems encountered when starting up the screen in case of not following the start-up procedure. 


    Communication officer of the Zénith of Amiens - 80000 Amiens

  • Here is a testimonial video made by Jérôme Dine after using the iBanr screen on several shows. To see the video click here


    PDG of Azur déco - 80800 DAOURS

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