The Zénith of Amiens Métropole

Ana Da Silva is the communication manager of the Zenith of Amiens Metropole. Our 2 iBanr screens are used to broadcast all types of content, be it videos, photos or information. The strong points of iBanr are its size, which gives it great visibility, and its modularity, which allows us to adapt the product to our needs. The after-sales service is reactive, which is nice when we encounter problems.

Azur déco

Here is an interview with one of our first customers, Jérôme Dine, CEO of the company Azur Déco. He used iBanr at various trade shows via our rental formula.

For me iBanr is above all efficiency and simplicity, the screen is installed and uninstalled in 5 minutes which is very practical during trade shows. This innovative concept seduced me. With this dynamic light panel, I stand out from the competition, I attract customers from more than 4 aisles away with a screen visible from more than 30 meters. I can change the content I display in real time, the message is scalable. 
As I regularly use paper roll-ups and televisions to communicate, I can see the advantage of iBanr for me and my customers... Watch the full testimonial in video >>>

They work with iBanr

They collaborate with us

NCLI conseil

DJTAL MEDIA is a company with an exceptional know-how, with an innovative product within its sector of activity. iBanr is the first digital roll-up in the world allowing to acquire a very important competitive advantage. Moreover, the company's staff is extremely competent, in perpetual quest of innovation.

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Repères et sociétés

Accompanying DJTAL MEDIA is directly in our logic.
An original invention whose last significant improvements were the subject of a patent. This patent has been the subject of a valuation that has been included in the company's balance sheet.

But the interest of the innovation is not enough to decide to support a company. The personality of the manager is also an important factor.

It is absolutely necessary that he be determined to lead his project over time and open to questioning in order to adapt to the changes in today's society on the one hand, and to the quality requirements of the product on the other hand, so that it is capable of integrating into the market as it is and as it will evolve in time.

The originality of the invention was largely confirmed on the occasion of two presentations of the product at the CES Las Vegas in 2019 and 2020, the great international show of the High-Tech. It will therefore be necessary to make the production of iBanr more reliable over time.

Therefore, it was necessary to try to secure a maximum development trajectory for DJTAL MEDIA so that this innovation contributes largely to a commercial and industrial success.

We accompany Serge DJELLOUL to help this determined leader to take up the challenge of these important stakes knowing that he is the one who remains the decision-maker of everything.

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Brandon valorisation

It is with interest and pleasure that, since 2016, we have been pursuing regular exchanges with Serge, one of whose qualities, "listening", allows us to optimize strategic choices and their implementation.

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Led Zed is the media department of the company DTIM which ensures the promotion and the exclusive launch in France of the iBanr kakemono.

The mutual desire to collaborate together was born following our meeting with the aim of sharing our know-how in order to go as far as possible together with this revolutionary product that is the iBanr. 

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Caisse d'épargne

The savings bank is one of the two actors supporting DJTAL MEDIA financially since its beginnings. The confidence that the savings bank gives us has allowed us to develop and to bring our iBanr project to its end. 

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Bpifrance is our second financial partner that has accompanied the company since 2014. Its support and trust have allowed the development and the influence of our French startup, DJTAL MEDIA, on the international scene. 

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Technical collaborator

Metal-fab accompany us on the technical design of iBanr

Atlante Props brings its skills for the conception of our screen

The incubator and business center of the Val de Somme is the place where we installed ourselves

Zywak accompany us on the audiovisual part, in particular for the realization of video content Zywak accompanies us on the audiovisual part, in particular for the realization of video content

NilObstat is the partner who realized our website

RAEV maroquinerie accompany us on the design of the iBanr bag

Sebcom assists us with the graphic design of our various communication supports

iBanr.. creativity booster!