iBanr through medias
iBanr through medias

iBanr through medias

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Original displays for your events

"Hosted at the incubator of the Somme Valley, DJTAL MEDIA manufactures a digital roll up to broadcast photos, videos and messages. It is an original means of communication for trade shows but also for weddings and anniversaries..."


Publish the 15/06/2021 in mon mag Val de Somme.

Ibanr, the digital and mobile roll up from Amiens, sets out to conquer the United States

"Specializing in the design of mobile digital signs, startup Ibanr will participate in the largest technology show held in early January in Las Vegas."


Published on 12/25/2018 by Bakhti Zouad in a French newspaper the fCourrier picard.

Innovation : a former field hockey player presents his foldable LED panel at CES in Las Vegas

"Serge Djelloul, a former field hockey player from Picardy, France, has developed a kakemono, a foldable luminous panel. His innovation takes him to the high-tech CES show."


Published on 5/01/2019 by Isabelle Boidanghein in a French newspaper Le Parisien. 

What happens in Las Vegas doesn't stay in Las Vegas for Serge Djelloul.

"Serge Djelloul came back from CES in Las Vegas with stars and orders in his eyes. He presented his iBanr, the first fully digital kakemono. How did this ex-professional ice hockey player manage to become an entrepreneur with innovative ideas ?"


Published on 18/10/2019 by Kaltoume Dourouri in the Gazette Sports.

The ex-hockey player fell into the trap... connected

"Serge Djelloul is developing his project of connected and mobile panels that can form a giant screen. His start-up, iBanr, has taken up residence near Amiens."


Published on 01/02/2021 by Bakhti Zouad in the Courrier picard.

iBanr takes off after Las Vegas

"The iBanr invented by Serge Djelloul from Amiens is soon entering its industrial development phase. After two appearances at the CES show in Las Vegas in 2019 and 2020, customers are flocking. The first full digital kakemono is seducing more than one distributor worldwide."


Published on 25/02/2020 by KALTOUME DOUROURI in Picardie La Gazette. 

iBanr presents its digital kakemono at Las Vegas

"The company based in Allonville offers a foldable digital kakemono. An invention made in Hauts-de-France noticed that allowed its inventor to exhibit at the last CES in Las Vegas."


Published on 12/02/2019 in Picardie La Gazette.

iBanr: the innovative kakemono with LED multimedia screen, patented.

"iBanr is a foldable and easily transportable multimedia screen. It can be installed thanks to an "accordion" type deployment system and requires no technical knowledge. It supports most image formats on the market."


Published by Brandon Valorisation.

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