8 years of expertise

DJTAL MEDIA has been created in 2013 by Serge Djelloul. We're specialised in factoring and distribution of mobile LED screens. The company is located near 🏬 Amiens, in the north of France, 1 hour far away from Paris.


DJTAL MEDIA created the world's first HD digital roll up called iBanr in 2014.

💡Our story is first and foremost a story of solidarity and friendship.💡

🔸When Serge Djelloul imagined the possibility to create a digital roll up, in 2013, he did not have the necessary funds to realize his obvious project.

Serge convinced his close friends and family about it and purposed them to embark on an exciting adventure : that was the beginning of iBanr's adventure.

Our values

The idea of an iBanr is first to listen to the needs of the customers. The company's motto is to be at the service of its customers

We wanted to design a product that would allow our users to free themselves from some of their problems in accessing and using digital signage. 

Our vocation is to always better serve the users of our products while keeping in mind these 3 priorities : 

🚙 iBanr must be easy to carry anywhere !

⚙️ Everyone must be able to mount an iBanr !

📱 Everyone must be able to operate an iBanr !

The company's expertise in the field of led displays has continued to grow over the years.

⏳Since 2013, we are perpetually looking for new solutions to improve our product and make it more and more relevant to our customers.  



Our production units

The CNC allows us to create the parts of all iBanr's aluminum structures. 

Our laser welder allows us to weld the aluminium frames of our iBanr with an unmatched precision. 

Our 3D printers allow us to move forward quickly during our prototyping phases or small series productions. They offer us a total autonomy !

Thanks to the CNC, we can machine our future LED modules to make them compatible with the complete iBanr. 

The assembly table allows us to assemble the iBanr screens in complete safety and to perform various maintenance operations. The table is motorized, it is a custom-made design made by us.

Much more than a roll-up

🔸The internalization of the production tools within the incubator and business center of the Val de Somme allows DJTAL MEDIA a greater reactivity and control of the production tools. 

On the other hand, it allows the company to expand its fields of action.

Our production tools offer us the possibility to create iBanr but also create any different type of fixed screens offering different sizes, like you can see in this photo in the Zenith of Amiens 👈.

🔸It offers more opportunities to communicate for the client and an easy maintenance when necessary. 

Our story

In our increasingly digitized world, the most used means of communication goes back... to antiquity : the roll-up or kakemono.

Welcome to the 21st century with iBanr !

🔸The company has taken the gamble of combining the characteristics that are at the origin of the success of the "classic" roll up with digital.

From the beginning of the adventure, the major problem is to fold the LED to make it transportable. The LED is the most effective technical support for communication in events. So to materialize the concept, we had to make a overview of the the  state of technology worldwide.

The company has chosen to work with different partners in order to benefit from expert support in various areas, whether it is administration, financial management, strategic advice,...

🔸This allows the company to focus on its core business : mobile LED. You still want to know a little more about our company? Here is our story in details 👇!



Ever since the beginning of the adventure, the main issue was to find a way to fold the LED in order for it to be transportable. Therefore, in order to materialize the concept, we had to overview the state of global technology to rely on expert partners.


DJTAL MEDIA relies on the technology of Chinese partners in order to assemble the first iBanr, which takes shape in the first semester 2014 in a garage in Amiens, with limited means.

Our first iBanr has a motion of 128x288 px. The screen makes 6mm pitch for a height of 77 x 73 cm.


Consistently supported and pushed by our clients, we make our product grow in order to make it more ergonomic, and easier to handle. We also create our first electric assembling iBanr ! The versions 2 (manual assembling) and 3 (electric assembling) of iBanr were born.

The motion is at 128 x 312 px. The screen is 6 mm pitch for a height of 85 x 210 cm.


The folding constraints limit the quality of displaying. In order to stay competitive in the market of dynamic display, the product has to be reconsidered. After a year of research and development, DJETAL MEDIA releases a 100% French assembled and patent screen !

But, above all, we improve the definition 4 times more. The 4th version of our iBanr therefore has a motion of 192x512 px, the screen makes 4mm pitch for a height of 77 x 205 cm.

Jan. 2019

iBanr makes us travel ! Direction Las Vegas in order to participate in the biggest electronic show in the world : the CES of Las Vegas. Our concept was chosen among 1000 startups of the world !

For us it’s the beginning of a whole new perspective : an International iBanr.

Jun. 2019

DJTAL MEDIA makes the choice to rely itself on an industrial partner to standardize the production of iBanr. This step will increase the screens motion version 4, 3 times, and offer the first HD digital rollup to the world, with screen motion of 2mm pitch compared to 4 previously. The motion is 384 x 1024 px for a height of 77 x 205 cm.

Jan. 2020

We are chosen for a second time to participate in the CES of Las Vegas. We go with our new HD screen version 4 in order to validate the relevance of our product on the market BtoB international.

We come home with certainties: our concept is being accepted by professionals around the world. We now need to secure our screen in order to move on to a larger scale marketing stage !

Mar. 2020

On our return from Las Vegas we decided to internalize the essential of the main steps of the production of iBanr. The watchword is the control of the main steps of this innovative production concept.

The Covid19 global pandemic stunted the market ! DJTAL MEDIA takes the opportunity to work on the processes’ standardization.


Our company and our product have evolved to meet your needs, and this iBanr now has a resolution of 384x1024 px. The screen has a 2mm pitch  and a size of 77 x 205 cm.

Jul. 2022

We are finally launching our final version of iBanr ! It can be considered as THE iBanr as initially planned.
Quick to assemble, easy to use and adaptable to all situations, it is the culmination of years of work that DJTAL MEDIA has done up to now!

The iBanr V6 is available in 3 versions: HD, UHD and 4K. With a maximum pitch of 1.29mm.

iBanr... creativity booster !