iBanr concept

iBanr is the world’s first hd digital roll up made in france, that can be assembled in 1 minute and stored in a suitcase!

Welcome to the 21st century!

This innovative concept has been selected twice at the biggest electronic show in the world: the CES in Las Vegas in 2019 and 2020, among 1000 startups worldwide.

iBanr is made in France in our workshops located a few kilometers from Amiens in the Hauts de France region.

This new product allows us to position ourselves as the first world’s company to offer a foldable and transportable mobile LED screen.

1 minute is the time you need to take the iBanr out of its carrying bag, unfold it and set up the various security devices. Just plug it in and press the ON button to start communicating.

Once the iBanr is folded, it will be very easy to carry it in its special wheeled bag. The screen, in its transport bag, measures 81 in high and 30 in wide. The iBanr fits perfectly in the trunk of any car or even in the plane.

Its screen of 81 in by 30 in is high definition. The iBanr offers you the best screen sharpness on the market. The led is durable, it offers an exceptional visibility at more than 50 meters with incomparable contrasts, without forgetting its ease of maintenance.

The content displayed on the iBanr is programmable in live with your mobile application: Viplex Handy (IOS, Android). It will be easy and quick to set the content to broadcast in real time. Your smartphone, tablet and/or computer will act as a mini wifi video control room for your event.

It will be possible to connect several iBanr to form a wall of images without any visible edges. To do this, you will need to connect an HDMI cable from one screen to another, the content programmed for 1 of the screens will be displayed on the whole at the right size. It is possible to assemble up to 5 screens together, for a display surface of 8 sqm !

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Features of iBanr

1800 cd


2 mm

Min. consumption / Max. consumption
450 W / 900 W

Refresh rate
3500 Hz

72 lbs

30 in (384px)

81 in (1024px)

Use cases

The carrying bag

The transport bag on wheels allows you to protect the iBanr and to transport it as easily as possible. The 80 cm high and 63 cm wide bag is made on the same basis as a flight case in polypropylene which combines robustness and lightness, all integrated in a flexible and resistant fabric: Cordura. It is a fabric used in the manufacture of clothing and military equipment known for its strength.

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One of the key points of the iBanr is its ease of use, assembly and setup. You don't need any special technical knowledge to use the screen, you only need one minute of assembly to start communicating. Once mounted, the safety devices ensure the rigidity of the screen. The screen is on wheels, so you can move it from zone to zone without any difficulty.

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Safety devices

The safety and solidity of our product are essential points.
Each stage of the screen has 5 safety devices to ensure perfect rigidity when unfolded.

On the iBanr, we have a double locking system with latches and lateral stiffeners. There is also an automatic locking system with latches.
The assembly of a complete screen for one person will take about 1 minute.

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The control application

The connection with the iBanr is done through the wifi network, you just have to connect to the wifi of the screen and then go to the Viplex Handy application to have access to the iBanr user interface. This application can be downloaded from the Appstore and Play Store. The application allows you to broadcast content in real time.

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Screen assembly

Our iBanr LED display offers you the possibility of forming a big screen by simply plugging the screens together after folding the side flaps. Once the screens are assembled, the content programmed on one of the screens will be displayed at the right size on your giant screen without any visible edges.

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Connection with a battery

Be able to communicate with iBanr without having access to a power outlet?

It's possible! Our high definition led screen can be powered by a 3000 watt battery offering up to 10 hours of autonomy.

No more need to have a power outlet at hand! Communicate where you want, when you want.

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iBanr is perfectly adapted to the event industry, it is possible to plug a professional control panel to the screen to control it.

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iBanr.. creativity booster!