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Serge Djelloul

Serge Djelloul


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David Suon




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Thomas Delefortrie

Thomas Delefortrie

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Strategic Partners

NCLI conseil, stratégie financière et administrative

NCLI council, financial strategy and administrative. Carolina Ona La Micela is a CESER Hauts-de-France advisor, Vice president of a professional union and manager of the NCLI council enterprise, a consulting cabinet in finance, she accompanies VSBs and SMBs on diverse missions as for example financial arrangements, the tracking of profit and treasuries, transitional management, etc...

We help DJTAL MEDIA on different aspects:

- Financial arrangements meants for three fundraisings.

- Support for budgetary closure, monthly financial strategy

- Tracking of profit and treasuries for the creation of a multidisciplinary team with a goal to develop the activities

- Support for juridical change, valorization, contributions auditor,

- The fundraisings are realized thanks to our bank partners, BPI France Région HDF

The company Brandon strategy of study, deposit and valorisation of patent

Since the beginning, Le Groupe Brandon

brings together two major activities at the service of innovation. It is the protection of inventions with Brandon IP, a patent attorney, and Brandon Valorisation, a consultant in economic and financial valuation of innovation. 

It was in 2016, during an awareness-raising intervention at the Amiens Technopole that we met Serge Djelloul. On this occasion, he presented us the first prototype of the iBnar digital kakemono. Seduced by this innovation and also by the determination of the project owner, we started a collaboration which resulted in a support in the development strategy of this innovation and later, of the company DJTAL Media. 

We first worked on the establishment of a patent protection which, over time, has integrated the technical developments that have allowed us to have a quality and updated patent. The start-up Djtal Media being capitalized with "the means of the edge", Serge Djelloul followed our recommendation to value this patent and to bring it to the capital of the company. Thanks to this strategy of valorization, we brought the capital of the start-up to several hundreds of thousands of euros. It is thanks to the level of equity acquired at the end of this operation, that Djtal Media, accompanied by Gilbert Lamory, was able to obtain the necessary financing for its development in France but also in the USA where Serge Djelloul took part in the CES of Las Vegas.

Repères et société, strategic consulting

Repères et Société is an association under the French law of 1901, which aims to offer to the leaders of organizations the benchmarks to better integrate them in today's world.

These benchmarks essentially concern "information" which is today a very important source of value.

This implies managing information and structuring it. For this, Intellectual Property is an excellent tool that allows one to value this structured information, which will have a positive impact on the company's balance sheet.

R&S will help the manager to define his company's objectives for the next 3, 4 or 5 years in order to define a major strategic line that will guide all of his decisions and allow him to prioritize the surrounding information according to these objectives.

Information structured through Intellectual Property then becomes a powerful development lever.

For start-ups, this strengthened equity capital will help finance the prototyping and pre-production prototype phase.


Led Zed is the French distributor of iBanr

It all starts with a meeting at a professional exhibition in Paris.
One exhibits products and LED panels, the other inquires and explains to have developed a product based on a dynamic LED Kakemono!

The adventure starts at this moment after various exchanges and visits on site, we have the same vision, the same desire to see the project succeed, the complementarity by the technique of one and the commercial network of the other.

A strategy is shared, a common vision to develop a range, a network of professional resellers and to provide users with an innovative product and appropriate services.

The IbanR association / LedZed was born !

iBanr.. creativity booster!